The Singers of Dutchtown a history of Superior by Phil Evans

The Singers of Dutchtown a history of Superior by Phil Evans

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Every year across the state of Georgia high school music groups perform in Large Group Performance Evaluations also known as LGPE. These performances are like a grade sheet for conductors all over the state. At LGPE the conductor picks a song based on how difficult the state says they are and then gets judged by three judges on criteria such as pitch, interpretation, and balance of voices. Once this step is completed they go into the sight-reading room and sight-read music they have never seen before and are judged on both the 5 minute rehearsal of the new music and the actual singing of the music. These judged scores are added up and then the choir is given an overall score, the highest being superior then good and so on in ascending order.

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The Interview (2014)  By: Jack Burcy

The Interview (2014) By: Jack Burcy

In “The Interview”, actors Seth Rogen and James Franco tackled the roles of Aaron Rappaport, an American journalist. David Skylark, the host of “Skylark Tonight”, interviews different celebrities and icons. When the show reached its 1000 episode, they discover that North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un, a fan of “Skylark Tonight”. With the recent news of the foreign leader liking the American production, it goes unnoticed by the Central Intelligence Agency. They propose a mission to travel to North Korea and conduct an “interview” with the famous leader and shine light on the issues that have been recently claimed about the small nation while secretly executing a more “dainty” task.


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