A Leader’s Welcome by Semaj Collins

A Leader’s Welcome by Semaj Collins

In the last year of President Barack Obama’s second term in office, the White House has announced that President Barack Obama will give his final commencement address as Commander in Chief at the illustrious Howard University in Washington D.C.  This will be an amazing moment as the first black president will give a commencement address at a historical black university (HBCU) whose original goal was to advance the education of slaves after the civil war.

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Gambling in Your Sport by Phil Evans

Gambling in Your Sport by Phil Evans

I have always loved tennis. It is the sport that from a very young age has left me awestruck. If there is one sports moment I actually remember from when I was small it is the two finals days of the 2008 Wimbledon Championships. That year both Williams sisters were playing in the final and I couldn’t help but think wow these girls are amazing! The next day we saw the master himself Roger Federer taking on Nadal in the nearly 5 hour marathon final.

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A different kind of new year


The first day in the new year is a day for joy and well wishes as we move into a new year. However, in Haiti there is more than just well wishes to be jubilant about. A country that made history by being the first black country to proclaim its independence in 1804 has a lot more to be happy about than one year becoming another year. On January 1st, the great people of Haiti celebrate their independence day.

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The Interview (2014)  By: Jack Burcy

The Interview (2014) By: Jack Burcy

In “The Interview”, actors Seth Rogen and James Franco tackled the roles of Aaron Rappaport, an American journalist. David Skylark, the host of “Skylark Tonight”, interviews different celebrities and icons. When the show reached its 1000 episode, they discover that North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un, a fan of “Skylark Tonight”. With the recent news of the foreign leader liking the American production, it goes unnoticed by the Central Intelligence Agency. They propose a mission to travel to North Korea and conduct an “interview” with the famous leader and shine light on the issues that have been recently claimed about the small nation while secretly executing a more “dainty” task.


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