Dutchtown Gets Chrome Books

August 22, 2017 Dutchtown High School students received their chrome books. Students were giving bar codes. The bar codes are to go inside a slot in the case so when a student loses their laptop and somebody finds it they know who it belongs too. Stations were set up in the gym for each student to receive their lap tops. The school is now becoming a advanced technology school.

Camariah Dixon 9th grade,

“The laptops can be incorporated in class with our projects as well as turning in our work through google classroom. Most of the work we do is digital now. I am glad the school was able to give every student a laptop this year because most students do not have technology at home and are unable to do online work assigned.My teachers so for have told us that we will be using the laptops for our projects and turning them in online.”

Dagam Kong 10th grade,

” The laptops are very helpful in our learning. I am excited that we have laptops this year because we don’t have to bring our own and students without devices are provided with laptops now. My teachers have said we will be using google classroom a lot this semester.”

Imani Ausmore 9th grade,

” The laptops are so helpful this year and now students can really get work done. Nobody has an excuse to not be able to do their work. I’m happy we have these laptops now because we can work at our own pace and it also helps those who do not have laptops at home or the kids with the strict parents who do not feel comfortable with their student bringing their own devices to the school. My teachers told my classes to bring our devices every day because we will be using them for google classroom and other educational sites.”


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