DHS AFJROTC Prepares For Leadership School

Dutchtown’s AFJROTC program will be attending a Leadership School from June 10-17th. The camp prep was held from June 5-9th to help cadets prepare for the program. The Leadership School will take place at Mercer University. There will be cadets from all surrounding states attending this camp. Dutchtown has 9 cadets attending. Tim House will be going as cadre and his job is Wing Commander. Jaelyn Stansbury will also be going as a cadre and will be over Special Operations. David Farmer-Walton will be going as a cadre and he is over the Command Post. Our last cadre is Sharriyae Jones who will be a flight cadre. There will be five basics going to camp for the first time.

At camp, these basics will have to go through room inspections every day. Their beds must be correctly made and sheets must be in perfect measurements. Their closets must be set up correctly and measurements based on the established standards, and clothes must be hung properly. They will also be evaluated on the drill. They have to command a whole flight and do a drill sequence correctly. They must run a mile in a given time frame and males must complete the run under 10 minutes and females 11 minutes. They will also have to attend academics and will be tested on what they talked about for the week on Friday. They will take part in the athletics activities such as kickball and dodgeball.

Saturday will be graduation day. If they pass every single inspection, they will become an officer in their AFJROTC program.

by Jaelyn Stansbury


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