National Honor Society Inducts New Members

National Honor Society held its induction ceremony on October 6th 2016 in which its newest members were admitted into this prestigious organization. Only 56 students out of more than a fifteen hundred students were eligible.

National Honor Society, or NHS for short, is an organization with expectations of achievement, good character, service, and leadership. Dutchtown High School sets the standard that any student who is eligible to enter in the club must be a junior or senior and have a GPA requirement of 90 or above. It is classified as prestigious because one must have good grades, a good reputation among teachers, be involved in some facet of leadership, and involved in the community by helping others.

On October 6th 2016, the newest members were admitted into the organization. When the ceremony began, the officers of the club described the four qualifications that every NHS member must have: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Then, each inductee had to light a candle to symbolize a beginning to something new. At the end, each member recited the pledge of allegiance to the organization. 

Junior inductee Afzal Yacoob stated, “It is most definitely an honor to be a part of such an association.” He’ll “always be grateful to have gotten the chance” to be in this club. Also junior inductee Brianna Ramgeet said that she is, “proud for meeting the requirements to become a member of NHS.”

National Honor Society is a unique and prestigious organization that allows students to convey the characteristics of scholarship, service, leadership, and character both in and outside the classroom.DSC_0003

by Terry Lam


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