A Look at: Mrs. Walcott


Mrs. Walcott is one of the Career, Technology, and Agriculture Education teachers at Dutchtown High School. She teaches Introduction to Business and Technology, Web Design, and Work Based Learning. She became a teacher because of the challenges that students face with career development and lack of exposure to real world activities.

Her strengths include communication skills, people skills, and organization skills. One weakness is her inability to say no to various requests such as projects. She feels as if she  needs to prioritize her current projects and designate her time for future projects. She challenges her students academically by asking them to think beyond the scope of what they’re doing when she gives them real world business scenarios. She calls that thinking outside the box.

Her accomplishments are implementing various strategies for students to be aware of their achievements such as student data sheets. Mrs. Walcott says the best thing about being a teacher would be the emotional satisfaction of students’ success. She likes hearing that her students understand the material and concept of the lesson being taught. One thing she hopes her students remember is that she was a realistic person and that she believes they can achieve and succeed in the world. 


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