2017 Student Government Association Elections

The  SGA (Student Government Association) held its general election for its 2017-2018 Officers.  The positions were not only for SGA at large but for officers for each class. Each candidate was required to submit an application.  The application included submitting 50 signatures from students in the candidate’s graduating class.  Candidates were also required to submit two written recommendations from their teachers.  After the applications were accepted, the candidates worked with the audiovisual department to make a 2-minute video to introduce themselves and their platform.  The videos played for three days in the cafeteria during lunch.

Many candidates hung posters and gave out treats to the students in their class.  Once the campaign period was over, all candidates were required to take their posters down. They also had to stop campaigning.  The student body of Dutchtown had three days to vote during their lunch periods.  When they finally came to a decision, the winners were notified by the SGA sponsor.  SGA has had its first official meeting on Wednesday, May 17th. Even if a student did not run for office, all students are invited to attend SGA meetings.  SGA encourages the student body to share their suggestions on how to make Dutchtown’s 2017-2018 school year great!

by Zoe Hamilton






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