Furthering Young Minds by Amber Paige

In Dutchtown’s Food 4 Life Career Technology and Adult Education (CTAE) class, students’ last project of the year consists of the creation of their very own cook books. With the year coming to a close, many teachers assign things to evaluate what students have learned. Whether it’s chemistry or theater, a school year never bows out without review.

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30 Jump Street by Amber Paige

30 Jump Street by Amber Paige

What is fair in love and basketball? Turns out, a Canadian Catholic high school (Windsor High) basketball team has been killing the game all season, but they haven’t been winning just because their players are all talented prodigies. This might be a factor that works to spite them next season. All their talent lies in their star player.

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A Leader’s Welcome by Semaj Collins

A Leader’s Welcome by Semaj Collins

In the last year of President Barack Obama’s second term in office, the White House has announced that President Barack Obama will give his final commencement address as Commander in Chief at the illustrious Howard University in Washington D.C.  This will be an amazing moment as the first black president will give a commencement address at a historical black university (HBCU) whose original goal was to advance the education of slaves after the civil war.

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US History at Dutchtown High School

Over the past couple weeks the amazing history department at Dutchtown High School has been going over World War II and its effects on society. We really have some great teachers in this department. Teachers such as  Mrs. Boyum who is pursuing her doctorate degree and Coach Phelps who teaches at Clayton State University have continued to put their imprint on this amazing part of Dutchtown High School.

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